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Conifer List

Genus -Species - Common Name - Cone shapes/sizes - leaflet/needle size/arrangement - typical ultimate height - hardiness zones (US)

Here is a useful listing I found on a web site some time ago. I am sorry I can't attribute it. Sorting the columns proved difficult, but the meanings read along the rows is as follows.

Abies alba         Silver Fir            cones to 18x3.5cm.       3.5cm,2rank,SILVERY   to 60m.             4

Abies amabilis   Abeto Bianco     cones to 17x7cm.          to 35x2.5mm,crowded    to 35m.             5

Abies balsamea             Balm Of Gilead  to 8x2.5cm.       to 2.5cm,arom.  to 25m.             2

Abies bracteata             Santa Lucia Fir  ovoid cone to 8x1cm.     to 60x4mm,2 ranked      to 40m.             8

Abies cephalonica          Grecian Fir        cones to 18x2.5cm.       to 3x0.3cm,radial           to 40m.             5

Abies chensiensis          Shensi Fir         cones to 10x3cm.          to 20x3mm.in 2 rows      to 20(55)m.        6

Abies chinensis                                                             

Abies cilicica     Cilician Fir         cones to 24x4cm.          to 4cm.x2mm.   TO 35M             5

Abies concolor   White Fir           cones to 12x4cm.          BLUE-GREEN,-60x2.4mm          to 50m.             4

Abies concolor 'Glauca'                                                  

Abies concolor ssp lowiana         Sierra White Fir             cones to 9x3cm.            to 6cm.x2mm,2 ranks    to 70m.             4

Abies delavayi   Delavay's Fir      cones cyl.to 12x4cm.     to 4cm.x2mm,radial       to 25m.             7

Abies densa      Sikkim Fir         cyl,to 10x2.5cm.            to 45x2.5mm.    to 25m.             8

Abies fabri         Faber's Fir         cones to 9x5cm.            to 30x2.5cm,2 ranks      to 25m.             7

Abies fargesii                 to 8x4cm,VIOLET juv.     to 30x2.5mm,ranked      to 30m.             6

Abies firma        Momi Fir           cones to 15x5cm,max    to 35x2.5mm.    TO 35M+           6

Abies forrestii                cones BLUISH,11x5cm.             to 4cm.x2.5mm.            to 30m.             7

Abies forrestii v smithii    Abies georgei    ovoid cones to 11x5c      densely hairy shoots      to 30m.             7

Abies fraseri      Southern Balsam Fir      cones to 7x2.5cm.         to 20x2.5mm.    to 20m.             4

Abies grandis    Giant Fir            cones to 10x3.5cm.       to 45x2mm.       10 75M             6

Abies grandis coastal strain                                            to 75m.             6

Abies holophylla            Manchurian Fir   cones 9 X 3 cm+                        to 25m.             5

Abies homolepis            Nikko Fir           cyl,to 11x3cm.   to 30x2mm.       to 40m.             4

Abies kawakamii            Formosan Fir     ovid cones to 11x4cm     to 25x2mm.       to 35m.             6

Abies koreana   Korean Fir         cyl,to 8x2.5cm.  to 2cm.lg,crowded          to 15m.             5

Abies lasiocarpa            Alpine Fir          cylind,to 13x3cm.          to 40x1.5mm.    to 25m.             5

Abies lasiocarpa ssp arizonica    Cork Fir             cyl-con.cones-13x3cm   dense,BLUISH,-40x1.5   to 25m.             5

Abies magnifica             Californian Red Fir          cones to 25x9cm.          to 40x1mm.       to 60m.             5

Abies magnifica v shastensis      Shasta Fir         cones to 16x7cm.                      to 60m.             5

Abies mariesii                to 11x4.5cm,PURPLE    to 25x2mm,glossy         to 30m.             7

Abies nephrolepis          Manchurian Fir   cyl,to 7x2.5cm.  YELLOW-GREEN,-25x2mm       to 35m.             3

Abies nordmanniana       Nordman Fir      cone to 18x4.5cm,RED  to 30x2mm.       to 55m.             4

Abies nordmanniana 'Ambrolauri'                         cones to 18x4.5cm.       to 30x2mm.       to 55m.             4

Abies nordmanniana 'Borshomi'                                                   

Abies nordmanniana ssp equitrojani dw    Bornmueller Fir  cones to 18x4.5cm.       to 45x2mm.       to 50m.             4

Abies numidica wings     Algerian Fir        cones to 18x4cm.          to 20x3mm.       to 35m.             6

Abies pindrow    West Himalayan Fir       cones to 16x4.5cm.       to 80x2mm.       to 40m.             8

Abies pinsapo    Spanish Fir        cones to 16x3.5cm.       to 18x3mm.       to 35m.             6

Abies pinsapo 'Glauca'   Blue Spanish Fir                        glaucous,to 18x3mm.     (dwarf)   6

Abies procera    Noble Fir           obl.-cyl,to 23x7cm.        to 3.5cm.lg.       to 70m.             5

Abies procera 'Glauca'                profuse  SILVERY          to 70m.             5

Abies recurvata  Min Fir  ovoid,BLUISH,-8x3.5c     thick,glossy,-25x2mm    to 25m.+           6

Abies recurvata v ernestii            Min Fir  cones to 8x3.5cm.         to 3.5cm.,GREYISH ab  to 25m.             6

Abies religiosa   Sacred Fir         cyl.-con,to 16x5cm.       to 40x2mm.       to 60m.             8

Abies sachalinensis       Sakhalin Fir       cones to 7x2.3cm.         to 30x1mm.       to 30m.             5

Abies sachalinensis v gracilis                              flatter    to 30m.             5

Abies sibirica     Siberian Fir        BLUISH,cyl,to 7.5x3c     to 30x1mm,radial           to 35m.             1

Abies sibirica 'Argentea'                                                  1

Abies spectabilis           Himalayan Fir    BLUE-GREY,to 15x5cm.            to 5x0.3cm.       to 30m.             7

Abies squamata             Flaky Fir           VIOLET ovoid,-6x3.5c     to 25x2mm.       to 15(40)m.        6

Abies veitchii     Veitch's Fir        cyl,to 7x2.5cm.  to 30x1.8mm,ranked      to 35m.             3

Afrocarpus falcatus        Common Yellowwood     drupe-like cone,-2cm      to 25x3mm,dense          to 30m.+           10

Afrocarpus falcatus v elongatus   Breeriviergeelhout           cone-drupe,to 2cm.di                  to 30m.             10

Afrocarpus gracilior        African Fern Pine           drupe-cones to 2cm.d     adult,to 6cm.x 5mm.      to 20m.             10

Afrocarpus usambarensis           Yellowwood,tallest African          2.5cm.glob.seed                                    

Araucaria angustifolia     Parana Tree       cones to 25cm.acr.        to 6x0.6cm,pungent       to 35m.             9

Araucaria araucana        Monkey Puzzle Tree      cone     triang.,to 5x2.5cm.         to 30m.             8

Araucaria heterophylla    Norfolk Island Pine         (seedlings November)     ovate scale-like,6mm      to 60m.             9

Araucaria heterophylla hybrid (hawaii)                                                      

Athrotaxis cupressoides             Smooth Tasmanian Cedar           cones 7-10mm,dia.        small needles,dense      to 16m.in nat.    8

Athrotaxis laxifolia x       Summit Cedar               ov.-lance,to 5mm.lg.       to 20m.             8

Athrotaxis selaginoides  King Billy Pine   glob.2cm.cones             narr,-12mm.lg.   to 40x15m.nat.  8

Austrocedrus chilensis   Chilean Cedar    sm.cones,flying seed     4 ranked,WHITEmarked  tall        8

Calocedrus decurrens     Incense Cedar               4-10mm.lg.        to 45m.             7

Cedrela montana            Cedro De Altura                                                 9

Cedrus libani 'Aurea'       Cedrus atlantica 'Aurea'              GOLDEN                       

Cedrus libani ssp atlantica                      cones cyl.,to10x5cm.     to3cm.lg.,whorls30+                   6

Cedrus libani ssp atlantica 'Argentea'                                                       6

Cedrus libani ssp atlantica 'Glauca'          Blue Cedar                    SILVER-BLUE               6

Cedrus libani ssp brevifolia          Cyprian Cedar    cones to 11x5cm.          1-2cm,curved,GREYISH             to 25m.             6

Cephalotaxus fortunei     Fortune's Plum Yew       drupe to 3 x 1.5 cm        lin.-9cm.x5mm,2ranks    to 8(20)m.         7

Cephalotaxus harringtonia           Plum Yew         PURPLE-BROWN,2-3cm.           to 6cm.x4mm,2 rows      to 15m.             7

Cephalotaxus harringtonia 'Duke Gardens'                                    glossy deep GREEN      to 5m,'mound'    7

Cephalotaxus harringtonia v drupacea      Cow's Tail Pine  PURPLE drupe to 3 cm  linear to 6cm x 4mm      to 5m,'mound'    7

Cephalotaxus oliveri                   drupe 2-3 cm long          linear to 2cm x 4mm                  8

Cephalotaxus sinensis   Chinese Plum Yew         drupe 2.5 x 1.7 cm         linear to 4cm x 3mm                  7

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana         Lawson Cypress                        to 2mm,imbricate           to 60m.in nat.    6

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 'Allumii'                                 BLUE-GREEN               

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 'Argentea'                              SILVERY                      

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 'Aurea'                                  juv. GOLDEN-YELLOW              

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 'Fletcheri'      Fletcher Cypress                                               

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 'Pendula Glauca'                                                        

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 'Pyramidalis'                                                  

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 'Triumph Of Boskoop'                                                             

Chamaecyparis nootkatensis 'Aurea'        Golden Weeping Alaskan Cedar              YELLOW young foliage  to 10m,slender   5

Chamaecyparis nootkatensis 'Glauca'      Green Nootka Cypress               BLUE-GREEN,pend.      to 40m.             5

Chamaecyparis nootkatensis 'Green Arrow'                                              to 10m,slender   5

Chamaecyparis nootkatensis 'Pendula'    Alaska Weeping Cedar               long pendulous br's.       to 10m.             5

Chamaecyparis obtusa   Japanese False Cypress            cones 13mm dia            to 2mm long,aromatic     to 40m.             6

Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Chabo Yadori'                             BLUE-GREEN,dense     to 1.5m,slow      6

Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Coralliformis'                               contorted branchlets       to 1.5x1.5m.      6

Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Crippsii'  Cripps Golden Cypress               GOLDEN,swirling           to 6m.   6

Chamaecyparis pisifera  Sawara Cypress            BROWN cones 6mm dia.           pointed, to 3mm long                  6

Chamaecyparis pisifera filifera                             thread like weeping                    

Chamaecyparis thyoides 'Glauca'            Atlantic White Cedar      RED-BROWN cone 6mm            scale like, 3mm             to 30m,slow       5

Cryptomeria japonica      Japanese Red Cedar      glob.cones,10-25mm.d   7-15mm,5 rank spiral      to 60m.             6

Cryptomeria japonica 'Lobbii'       Lobb's Japanese Cedar                                       

Cryptomeria japonica v sinensis  Cryptomeria fortunei       brown cones to 20mm    to 15mm long                6

Cunninghamia lanceolata            China-Fir           BROWN cone to4cm dia            lance. to 7 x 0.5 cm                   7

Cupressus arizonica       Arizona Cypress            cones ovoid,to 3.2cm     finely serr.         to 25m.             7

Cupressus arizonica v glabra       Cupressus glabra           cone ovoid,to 32mm.      scalelike,BLUE GREEN             to 25m.             7

Cupressus arizonica v nevadensis           Piute Cypress    ovoid cones,1.5-3cm.                 to 25m.             7

Cupressus bakeri           Modoc Cypress             cones subglob,to 2cm    scale-like,pairs,GRE      to 30m.             7

Cupressus duclouxiana  Yunnan Cypress            cones glob.,to 3cm.                   to 50m.             8

Cupressus funebris        Mourning Cypress          GREEN-BROWN,to 14mm         YELLOW-GREEN          to 25m.             8

Cupressus goveniana     Gowen Cypress             cone sph.to 2cm.dia.      4 ranked,adpressed        to 26m.             8

Cupressus goveniana v pygmaea             Mendocino Cypress                   dk.GREEN,longer          to 3(40)m.         9

Cupressus guadalupensis ssp forbesii     Tecate Cypress             cone to 35mm.  bright GREEN,acute       to 12m.             9

Cupressus himalaica ssp darjeelingensis             Kashmir Cypress                       BLUE-GREY,weeping     to 45m.             9

Cupressus lusitanica      Mexican Cypress           sph.cones to 8cm.di.                  to 45m.             9

Cupressus lusitanica v benthamii                                                 to 40m.             9

Cupressus macnabiana  Macnab Cypress            ovoid cones 1.5-2.5c                  to 20m.             8

Cupressus macrocarpa   Monterey Cypress          cones to 2x4cm,ell.                    to 45m.             8

Cupressus sargentii       Sargent's Cypress          cone glob.,2cm.ac.        2mm.acute,GREY-GREEN         to 26m.             8

Cupressus sempervirens             Cipres                                       7

Cupressus sempervirens 'Stricta'             Upright Italian Cypress                           to 40m,slim       7

Cupressus sempervirens fa horizontalis    Italian Cypress   ovoid cones,4x3.2cm.     ovate-acute,grooved        to 40m.             7

Cupressus torulosa        Himalayan Cypress        cone to 17x15cm.          light GREEN,acute         to 40m.             8

Dacrycarpus dacrydoides           White Pine        RED warty receptacle     adult 2mm.scale-like      to 65m.             9

Eucalyptus torquata coated seed                                                to 12x10m.        9

Fokienia hodginsii                      glob.cone 2.5cm dia       adult to 3x3mm,blunt      to 3m(15nat.)     8

Ginkgo biloba (bai guo,pai kuo)   Maidenhair Tree             YELLOW drupe             br.YELLOW,fall  to 40m.             4

Ginkgo biloba 'Horizontalis'                                             to 2m.   4

Ginkgo biloba 'Pendula'                                       (weeping)          4

Ginkgo biloba 'Prostrata'                                                 (prostrate)         4

Ginkgo biloba 'Saratoga'                                     longer lvs,extra cut         20m.+   4

Ginkgo biloba 'Tit'                                               (dwarf)   4

Ginkgo biloba 'Umbrella'                                      (spreading)        4

Ginkgo biloba 'Variegata'                                     irreg. YELLOW segme               4

Glyptostrobus pensilis    Chinese Swamp Cypress            cones to 2.5x1cm.         to 20x2mm.,trimorph.                 8

Juniperus cedrus            Canary Island Juniper     RED-BROWN sph.to15mm         to 2cm in whorl of 3                    9

Juniperus chinensis        Pyramid Chinese Juniper            cone,glob.to9mm dia.     obtuse,4 ranked             to 20m.             4

Juniperus communis cs  Aiteil     cone GREEN to BLUE   to 20x2mm, in 3s                       7

Juniperus communis db  Aiteil                                         7

Juniperus communis 'Bush Form'            Bush Juniper                                         6

Juniperus communis ssp depressa          Canadian Juniper                                               6

Juniperus deppeana       Alligator Juniper             glob.BROWN15mm.berry           scales opp.,4ranks         to 20m.in nat.    8

Juniperus deppeana v glauca                                                       8

Juniperus flaccida          Mexican Juniper             glob.cone to 20mm        scales,opp.acute                       8

Juniperus formosana      Prickly Cypress                                                 8

Juniperus monosperma   Oneseed Juniper            glob.8mm,COPPER-PINK           ovate,scale like  to 10m.             4

Juniperus osteosperma   Utah Juniper      glob.18mm,RED-BROWN           YELLOW-GREEN,3mm prs                    

Juniperus phoenicea       Phoenician Juniper         glob.to1cm.dia,BROWN             adult scale like,prs                     9

Juniperus pinchotii         Pinchot Juniper  BRONZE-BROWN,6-8mm.         scale-like,deltoid            to 6m.   7

Juniperus rigida  Temple Juniper  PURPLE,sph.11mm.dia  pointed,in 3s                  5

Juniperus sabina            Kara Ardic         dark BLUE,7mm dia       adult ovate,scales          to 60cm.           3

Juniperus sargentii                     BLUE-BLACK,5-7mm.    scale like,camphor a      to 80 cm.,pros   

Juniperus scopulorum     Rocky Mountain Red Cedar        glob.8mm,BLUE-BLACK             opp.ovate,2mm across   to 15m.             3

Juniperus scopulorum 'Glauca'                            BLUE GREEN   to 15m.             3

Juniperus silicicola         Southern Red Cedar       elliptic,5x2mm   1-2mm scales,pairs        to 20(30)m.        8

Juniperus virginiana        Eastern Red-Cedar         PURPLE,glob.to 5mm d             scale-like prs.2mm         10-20(30)m.       4

Juniperus virginiana bs                                                    4

Keteleeria davidiana                   cones to 20x4.5cm.       to 50x4mm.       to 45m.             7

Keteleeria evelyniana                  cones to 20x5cm.          linear    to 40m.             8

Keteleeria fortunei                      cones 6-20cm.lg.           2.5-4cm.lg.        to 30m.             9

Larix decidua     Avrupa Melezi    cones conic,1.5-6cm.     2-4cm.lg.(6cm.)             to 50m.             4

Larix decidua v sudetica                                                 to 50m.             4

Larix gmelinii     Dahurian Larch                                      1

Larix gmelinii v olgensis  Olga Bay Larch  cones oblong,3x2cm.     to 2.5cm.          to 35m.             1

Larix griffithiana  Sikkim Larch     cones to 8 x 2-3cm.o     needles to 50x2mm.       to 40m.nat.        7

Larix kaempferi  Japanese Larch             ovoid cones 2-3(4)cm     2-3.5cm,fade ORANGE  to 45m.             4

Larix laricina      Tamarack          cone ovoid,to 24mm.l     2-3cm.lg.           to 20(30)m.        2

Larix occidentalis           Western Larch   cones to 24.5x1cm.       2.5-4cm,clust.   to 50m.             4

Larix russica      Siberian Larch   cones to 3.5cm.             narrow,to 4cm.lg.           to 30m.             1

Metasequoia glyptostroboides     Shui-Hsa           cone to 3x2cm,stalks     br.GREEN turnPINKISH  to 45m.+           5

Nageia nagi       Broadleaf Podocarpus,                                       8

Peucephyllum schottii    Pygmy Cedar                                        

Picea abies       Smreka             cones to 18x5cm.          1-2.5cm.           to 55m.             4

Picea abies boehmerwald           Boehmerwald Strain (bavaria)                                          

Picea abies new england                                                            

Picea abies southern europe                   to 18x4(6)cm,    1-2.5cm.lg.        to 55m.             4

Picea abies sub-arctic    Sub-arctic Strain (finland)                                                

Picea asperata  Chinese Spruce                                                 6

Picea asperata v retroflexa          Tapao Shan Spruce        cones to 13x4cm.          -2cm,4 sided     to 40m.             6

Picea brewerana            Brewers Weeping Spruce           to RED-BROWN            flat,obtuse,to 3.5cm       to 35m.             6

Picea engelmannii          Engelmann Spruce                                             

Picea glauca     White Spruce                                        2

Picea glauca 'Densata'   Black Hills Spruce                                             

Picea glauca v albertiana            Alberta Spruce                                       

Picea glehnii      Sakhalin Spruce            PURPLE-BROWN,4-8cm.l          crowded,5-15mm.lg.       to 30m.             4

Picea jezoensis             Yezo Spruce     cylindric,4-7cm.lg.          1-2cm.lg,glossy             to 35m.             2

Picea jezoensis ssp hondoensis             Hondo Spruce    dk.RED-BROWN,4-7cm.            1-2cm,SILVERY ben.     to 50m.             2

Picea koyamae  Picea koraiensis                                                

Picea likiangensis          Lijiang Spruce    RED-PURPLE,to 13x3cm           8-15mm.lg.        to 50m.             8

Picea lutzii x     Picea sitchensis x glauca                                               

Picea mariana   Double Spruce   MAUVE-BROWN,-4x1.5cm        dense,5-15mm.lg.          to 20m.+           2

Picea meyeri                 cones to 9x3cm.            1.5-3cm.lg.        to 30m.             6

Picea obovata    Siberian Spruce             cones to 8x2cm.            shiny,to 2cm.lg.             to 35m.             1

Picea obovata v caerulea            Blue Siberian Spruce      ov.-cyl,to 8x2cm.           BLUE-GREEN,to 2cm.lg             to 35cm.           1

Picea omorika   Serbian Spruce  cones 3-7x2cm.             10-20mm.lg,flattened      to 35m.             5

Picea orientalis  Oriental Spruce  cones to 9x1.5cm.         5-8mm.lg.          to 50m.             5

Picea pungens   Colorado Blue Spruce     cones to 12x3cm.          2-2.5cm.lg,radial            to 40m.+           5

Picea pungens 'Glauca'  Blue Colorado Spruce     cones to 12x3cm.          2-2.5cm,radial    to 40m.             5

Picea pungens 'Glauca' 'Misty Blue'                                                         

Picea rubens     Red Spruce       cones 2-5cm.lg.             10-15mm,shiny,crowd.   to 30m.             3

Picea schrenkiana ssp tianschanica        Schrenk's Spruce           cones to 6cm.lg.            1-2cm.lg.           to 45cm.           4

Picea sitchensis            Sitka Spruce     cones to 10x3.5cm.       15-25mm.lg.      to 90m.             7

Picea smithiana             West Himalayan Spruce             10-16cm.lg,cylind.          3-5cm.lg.,~radial            to 55m.             7

Picea wilsonii    Wilson's Spruce             to 7x2cm.          10-18mm.lg.      to 45m.             5

Pinus albicaulis             Whitebark Pine  cone ovoid,to 7x5cm.     to 7cm.x1mm.,in 5's.      to 20m.             2

Pinus aristata    Bristlecone Pine            cones cyl.ov.5-10cm.     4cm.,5 per fascicle         to 18m.             3

Pinus armandii   Chinese White Pine       cone to 20x11cm.,1-3     10-18cm.,in 5's  to 40m.max       7

Pinus attenuata             Knobcone Pine  cones to 17x5cm.          11-18cm.,3 per fasc.      to 24m.             7

Pinus ayacahuite           Mexican White Pine                   in 5's,to 18cm.x1mm.                 7

Pinus banksiana            Jack Pine          ovoid cone,to 6.5x2c      in 2s,2-5cm.x1.5mm.     to 23m.             2

Pinus brutia       Calabrian Pine   RED-BROWN,to11x4.5cm          2-3,YELLOWISH,10-29c             to 30m.             7

Pinus brutia ssp eldarica            Eldar Pine         cones 5-8x3-4cm.          8-13cm.,2-3       to 30m.             7

Pinus bungeana             Lace-Bark Pine  ovoid cones,6.5x5cm.     in 3's,to 9cm.x2mm.       to 25m.             5

Pinus canariensis          Canary Island Pine         cone to 20x6cm,2-4       to 30cm.x1mm,in 3's      to 60m.             9

Pinus caribaea v bahamensis                                                      

Pinus caribaea v caribaea           Caribbean Pine  to 10x3.5cm.(x5-7cm)    15-25cm.lg,crowded       to 30m.             10

Pinus caribaea v hondurensis      Honduran Pine               to 33cm.lg,3-5               10

Pinus cembra    Russian Cedar   cones to 7.5x4cm.         6-11cm.lg.,fasc.of 5        to 25m.             1

Pinus cembra ssp sibirica           Siberian Pine     cones to 9x5cm.            needles with 3canals      to 25m.             1

Pinus cembra ssp sibirica 'Glauca'          Blue Siberian Pine                                             1

Pinus cembroides          Nutpine             glob.3-4(5)cm.cones       2-3 clust,3-6cm.lg.         to 15m.             8

Pinus clausa     Choctawhatchee Sand Pine        ovoid conesM5-8cm.lg    2 needles,5-9cm.lg.        to 10m.             9

Pinus contorta   Scrub Pine        cone ovoid,3-7cm.lg.      to 5cm.x1.5mm.,in 2s    to 25m.             7

Pinus contorta v latifolia  Lodgepole Pine              8cm.lg,spreading,2's      to 30m.             7

Pinus contorta v murrayana         Sierra Lodgepole Pine    cones ovoid,4-6cm.        to 8cm,OLIVE-GREEN   to 50m.             7

Pinus coulteri    Pitch Pine         to 40x20cm.,open          to 30cm.x2mm.,in 3's     to 30m.             8

Pinus coulteri x jeffreyi   Coulter / Jeffrey Pine Cross                                             8

Pinus densa      South Florida Slash Pine            to 11x7cm.        18-25cm.x1mm.2(3)fas   to 30m.             10

Pinus echinata   Yellow Pine       cone ov.-conic,7x2cm     to 13cm.x1mm,in 2's.     to 35m.             6

Pinus edulis      Colorado Pinyon            cone,seed to 11x15mm  pairs, to 6x2mm.            to 15m.             5

Pinus edulis v fallax                                                        

Pinus elliottii      Slash Pine        cones to 15x10cm.        to30cm.x1mm.,2-3fasc   to 35m.             9

Pinus engelmannii          Apache Pine      ovoid-con,to 18x6cm.     30-40cm.lg,in 3's.           to 35m.             8

Pinus flexilis      Limber Pine       cone to 14x6cm.            to 8cm.x1mm.,in 5's       to 25m.             3

Pinus gerardiana            Chilghoza Pine  cones to 18x12cm.        to 10cm.x2mm,in 3's.     to 21m.             7

Pinus glabra      Spruce Pine      ovoid,5-6cm.      to 9cm.x1mm,in 2's.       to 35m.             8

Pinus greggii                 ovoid,6-13cm.lg.             to 13cm.x1mm.,in 3s     to 20m.             8

Pinus halepensis           Alepo Pine        cones to 12x3.5cm.       to 10cm.x0.8mm.,2(3)    to 20m.             8

Pinus heldreichii            Bosnian Pine     ovoid,YELLOW-BROWN             to 9cm.x2mm,in 2's.       to 25m.             5

Pinus jeffreyi      Jeffrey's Pine     cone to 25x15cm.open   to 27cm.x2mm.,in 3s     to 55m,bole1.5   8

Pinus kesiya     East Himalayan Pine      cones 5-11x3cm.           to 24cm x.5mm,in 3s     to 40m.             9

Pinus koraiensis            Tyosen-Goyo     cones to 16x7cm.          to 12cm.x1mm.,in 5s     to 50m.             3

Pinus lambertiana          Giant Pine         cones to60x16cm.open  11cm.x1.5mm.,in 5s      to 70m.in nat.    7

Pinus longaeva  Ancient Pine      cone ov-cyl,5-11cm.l      5,to 4cm.x1mm.            to 20m.             4

Pinus massoniana         Masson Pine     ovoid,to 7x4cm.             to 20cm.x1mm.,in 2s     to 25m.             7

Pinus maximartinezii      Martinez Pinyon             ovoid,to 23x125cm.        9-20cm.lg,in 5's.            to 11m.             10

Pinus maximinoi            Thin Leaf Pine    conic.,7-10x3cm.           20-30cm.x 0.8mm,-5's    to 35m.             10

Pinus merkusii   Sumatran Pine   ovoid,to 7.5x2.5-5cm      to 20cm., in 2s  to 45m.             10

Pinus monophylla          Single Leaf Pinyon Pine  seed 2cm.lg.     BLUE-GREEN,to6cmx2mm        to 15m.             6

Pinus monticola             Californian Mountain Pine           narr.conic,-28x5cm.       to 10cm.lg., in 5s           tp 60m.             4

Pinus mugo       Tall Form           cones ovoid,2-6x3cm.     to 7cm.x3mm., in 2s      to 6m.   3

Pinus mugo ssp uncinata           Tree Swiss Mountain Pine                                  to 25m.             3

Pinus mugo v mughus    Mughus Dwarf Mountain Pine                              to 6m.   3

Pinus mugo v pumilio     Dwarf Mountain Pine                              to 2-3m.            3

Pinus mugo v pumilio Maiella                                          to~1m.  3

Pinus muricata  Bishop Pine       ovoid cone,to 9x7cm.     to 15cm.x2mm., in 2s    to 40m.             8

Pinus nigra 'Villetta Barrea'         Pinus laricio                                          

Pinus nigra ssp nigra      Black Pine        cones to 8x5cm.            to 14cm.x2mm., in 2s    to 40m.+           5

Pinus nigra v calabrica    Pinus laricio Calabrica                                        5

Pinus nigra v maritima    Corsican Pine                                        

Pinus nigra v pyramidalis                                    BLUE tinged      (narr.conical)     5

Pinus oocarpa   Mexican Mountain Pine  cone ovoid,to 8x6cm.     to 28cm.x2mm., in 5s    to 25m.             9

Pinus palustris   Pitch Pine         cyl.cones,15-25cm.lg     to 30cm.,toothed, 3s      to 40m.             8

Pinus parviflora  Japanese White Pine     ov-cyl,to 8x3cm.            to 6cm.x1mm,5s,BLUE  to 20m.             5

Pinus parviflora 'Glauca Brevifolia'                        profuse,4-8x3cm.           small,SILVERY-BLUE    to 10m.             5

Pinus patula      Mexican Yellow Pine      ovoid,5-10cm.lg.             28cm.,pendul., in 3s       to 45m.             8

Pinus peuce      Molika   cyl,pend,to 15x7cm.       to 10cm.x1mm., in 5s    to 35m  5

Pinus pinaster   Pinaster            ovoid,to 18x5(11)cm.      to 2.5mm.acr., in 2s       to 35m.             8

Pinus pinea       Stone Pine        edible nut to 2x1cm.       to 18cm.x2mm., in 2s    to 25m.             8

Pinus pithyusa                                                   

Pinus ponderosa idaho/mont.      Western Yellow Pine      cone to 10x8cm.open     to 22cm.x2mm., in 3s    to 50m.             4

Pinus ponderosa oregon timber strain      Ponderosa Pine                                     to 50m.             4

Pinus ponderosa ssp ponderosa  Ponderosa Pine             cones to 10x4(8)cm,m    3's,to 22x3mm.  to 50m.             4

Pinus ponderosa ssp scopulorum            Rocky Mountain Yellow Pine       6-9cm.lg.           to 15cm., in 2s/3s          to 35m.             4

Pinus pseudostrobus      Pino Triste         ovoid,6-12(16)cm.lg.       to 25cm.x1mm., in 5s    to 40m.             9

Pinus pumila     Japanese Stone Pine     ovoid,to 6x3cm.             to 8cm.x1mm., in 5s      to 3(6)m.           1

Pinus radiata     Monterey Pine   cones to 16x11cm.        to 16cm.x1mm., in3s     to 45m.             8

Pinus reflexa x   Border Pine                               to 30m.             7

Pinus resinosa   American Red Pine        cones to 6x5cm.            to 17cm.x1mm., in 2s    to 35m.             3

Pinus rigida       Pitch Pine         ov-conic,to 24x8cm.       to 10cm.x2.5mm.in 3s    to 25m.             4

Pinus roxburghii             Chir Pine           cones to 24x8cm.          to 40cm.x1mm., in 3s    to 50m.             9

Pinus sabiniana             Digger Pine       seed to 2.5cm.lg.           to 30cm.x2mm., in 3s    to 25m.             8

Pinus serotina   Pond Pine         subglob,to 5x7cm.         to 20cm.lg., in 3s           to 30m.             8

Pinus strobiformis          Southwestern White Pine           cylind,18-35cm.lg.          to 14cm.lg., in 5s           to 35m.             8

Pinus strobus    Weymouth Den  cones to 16x2cm.          to 13cm., in 5s  to 50m.             3

Pinus sylvestris             Colophonium                 to 6cm.x2mm., in 2s                  2

Pinus sylvestris 'Beuvronensis'                            BLUE tinge,small           conic dwarf        2

Pinus sylvestris v mongolica                               YELLOW in winter,9cm              2

Pinus sylvestris v rigensis                                                           2

Pinus szemaonensis                                                      

Pinus tabuliiformis          Chinese Red Pine          cones ovoid,to 7x7cm     to 15cm.x1.3mm,in 2s    to 25m.+           5

Pinus taeda       Loblolly Pine      ovoid cones 6-14cm.l      to 25cm.x2mm., in 3s    to 40m.             7

Pinus tecunumanii         Pino Ocote Rojo                                                

Pinus thunbergii             Japanese Black Pine      cones ov-con,-7x3cm.    to 14cm.x2mm., in 2s    to 30m.             6

Pinus torreyana             Soledad Pine     seed to 2cm.lg.  to 32cm.x2mm., in 5s    to 35m.             8

Pinus virginiana  Spruce Pine      cones 3-7cm.lg.             to 7cm., in 2s    to 15m.             6

Pinus wallichiana           Bhutan Pine      cylind,to 28x4cm.          to 20cm.x1mm., in 5s    to 50m.             8

Pinus yunnanensis         Yunnan Pine      cones 5-11cm.lg.           to 30cm.x1mm., in 3s    to 35m.             8

Platycladus orientalis (ce bai ye,bai zi ren)           Morphankhi       cone to 20mm,oblong     close adpressed,2mm.               6

Platycladus orientalis 'Aurea Nana'          Dwarf Golden Arborvitae              lt.YELLOW-GREEN       (dwarf bush)       

Platycladus orientalis 'Aurea'       Thuja orientalis 'Aurea'                GOLDEN                       

Platycladus orientalis 'Beverleyensis'       Beverly Hills Arborvitae               YELLOW varieg.                        

Platycladus orientalis 'Sieboldii'   Dense Compact Round Bush                  GOLDEN,turns GREEN              

Podocarpus henkelii       Long-Leafed Yellow-Wood           GREEN-BLUE recep.     falc.to 15x1cm.  to 35m.             10

Podocarpus latifolius      Opregte Geelhout           RED-PURPLE recep.     lin.-ell,to 10x1cm.          to 30m.             10

Podocarpus lawrencii                 recept.br.RED    narr.lin.-25x3mm.           to 10m.             7

Podocarpus macrophyllus           Buddhist Pine    12-15mm.RED recept.    lin.-lance,to 10x1cm       to 15m.(2m.)      7

Podocarpus macrophyllus 'Maki'  Fastigiate Yew Pine       RED recep,12-15mm.di  5-9cm.lg.           to 15m.             7

Podocarpus macrophyllus hybrids                                                           7

Podocarpus neriifolius    Podocarp          receptacle 8-10mm.       narrow lance,4-25cm.     to 40m.+           10

Podocarpus salignus      Willow Podocarp            8mm,RED-VIOLET recep            narr-lance,12cm.x7mm   to 20m.             8

Podocarpus usambarensis          Podocarpus                                           10

Prumnopitys andina       Plum Fruited Yew          2cm.PURPLE drupe,1-4             linear,to 25x2mm           to 25m.             8

Pseudolarix amabilis      Golden Larch     cones to 7.5x5cm.         to 5cm.x3mm.spirals      to 40m.             6

Pseudotsuga macrocarpa           Big-cone Douglas Fir      cones to 13x3cm.          3-5cm.lg.           to 25m.             8

Pseudotsuga menziesii  Oregon Douglas Fir        cyl.cone,-11.5x2cm.       pect,to 1.5mm.x4cm.     to 100m.           7

Pseudotsuga menziesii 'Viridis'   Green Douglas Fir                                              7

Pseudotsuga menziesii 'Viridis' montane prov.      Douglas Fir, montane                                         

Pseudotsuga menziesii ssp glauca          Blue Douglas Fir            cone cyl.to 8x2cm.        BLUE-GREEN,to 2.5cm.            to 40m.             7

Pseudotsuga menziesii v caesia  Grey Douglas Fir                        GREY-GREEN  to 100m.           7

Pseudotsuga menziesii v caesia prov. B.C.          Grey Douglas Fir, prov. B.C.                                           7

Pseudotsuga sinensis    Chinese Douglas Fir                                           

Saxegothaea conspicua             Prince Albert Yew          'cones'to 10x5mm.         to 30x3mm,spiralling      to 20m.             8

Sciadopytis verticillata    Japanese Umbrella Pine             cones ovoid,to 9x7cm     to 12cm.x6mm,gr10-30   to 40m.             6

Sequoia sempervirens    Coast Redwood             oblong,to 3.5x2cm.        scale like,6-20mm.lg      to 100m.           8

Sequoiadendron giganteum         Giant Sequoia    cone to 65x45mm.nat.    scale-like,4-6mm.lg.       to 95m.             7

Taxodium ascendens     Pond Cypress    cones to 25mm dia        alt.to 1cm. RED fall        to 25m.             7

Taxodium distichum       Bald Cypress     cones BROWN to 25cm             2cm,GREEN,BROWN fall           to 40m.             6

Taxodium distichum bs                                                   

Taxodium distichum northern prov.                                                           5

Taxodium mucronatum   Montezuma Cypress      cones in 20cm.groups    to 2cm.             to 45m.             9

Taxus baccata   Taxo     with RED aril     linear, to 3 cm long        to 15(25)m.        6

Taxus baccata 'Erecta'   Tejo                  (pyramidal form)             to 15(28)m.        6

Taxus baccata 'Fastigiata'           Irish Yew                       (densely branching)        to 20m.             6

Taxus brevifolia  Californian Yew  RED aril to 7x9mm         to 25x2mm.       to 15m.             6

Taxus chinensis             Chinese Yew     RED aril,to 7mm            acuminate,to 22x3m                   6

Taxus cuspidata            Japanese Yew   RED aril to 8mm dia       acuminate to 25x3mm    to 20m.             6

Thuja occidentalis          Eastern Arborvitae          cones ovoid,6-14mm.     scale-like,dense             to 20m.             2

Thuja occidentalis 'Fastigiata'      Pyramidal Form                                                 2

Thuja plicata      Western Arbor-Vitae       cones oblong,to 20mm   scale like,to15x3mm.                 6

Torreya californica          California Nutmeg-Yew   PURPLE-GREEN,3-4cm.            2-ranked,-5cm.x3mm.    to 20m.             7

Torreya grandis  Chinese Nutmeg Yew     drupe to 3cm     lanceolate to 3x5mm      to 25m.             8

Torreya nucifera             Japanese Nutmeg Yew   drupe like,2-3cm.lg.        linear,to 30x3mm.          to 25m.             7

Tsuga canadensis prov.northern  Canadian Hemlock, Northern Pr.                                                 4

Tsuga canadensis prov.southern  Eastern Hemlock                                               4

Tsuga canadensis 'Pendula'        Weeping Hemlock                                              

Tsuga caroliniana           Crag Hemlock                                        

Tsuga chinensis             Chinese Hemlock           cones to 2.5cm dia        glossy,25x3mm                         6

Tsuga heterophylla         Western Hemlock          cones to 3cm.   5-23mm.lg.                    6

Tsuga mertensiana         Mountain Hemlock                                             

Widdringtonia cedarbergensis     Clanwilliam Cedar          glob.2.5cm.cones          ovate,to 4mm.acr.          5-20m.  9

Widdringtonia nodiflora   Mountain Cedar             ovoid,to 2cm.dia.            needle like,1-2mm.         4-6m.    9

Widdringtonia schwarzii  Willowmore Cedar          cones to 1.8cm.dia.       needles to 2mm.lg.        17-30m.            10