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            What not to grow (in a small garden).............more to come!   

TREES               Robinia pseudoacacia                    Chamaecyparus x Leylandii

                         Liquidambar styraciflua                Eucalyptus vars

                         Salix various                                Aruacaria araucana

                         various large fruit trees (depends on root stock-see fruit pages)

SHRUBS             Lavatera  vars.                            Polygonum  

                          Buddleia vars.                              Clematis montana

                          Ilex vars.                                    Cotinus coggyria

                          Aucuba japonica                          Hedera vars.

                          Sambucus nigra                           Euonymus vars.

                          Pyracantha                                  Cotoneaster vars.


There are a large number of slow growing shrubs, so be careful to check growth rate and ultimate height.


Myosotis                          Calendula                       Balsam                       Verbena bonariaensis

The main reason I list these common flowers is because of the self-seeding.  If you are happy to remove them each year from places you do not want them to grow, that is of course perfectly acceptable.



 Helenium                         Cardoon                         Spiky Agave                    Jerusalem artichoke 

Generally very large plants, although every year new varietes appear on the market, so you musr check the growth habit.


Globe Artichoke                 Pumpkin 


Rambling Rector                 R. filipes Kiftsgate           Wedding Day            R. banksii lutea


Alecost                              Lovage                            Fennel


Pampas                            Miscanthus sinensis           Stipa gigantea          Running bamboos


                        Don't grow these in small gardens!

Most people have become very much more familiar in recent years with the plants that cause problems in small gardens.  They are usually fast growing, although it can be very misleading to think that slow growing plants will not be a problem. Many people move into a house without realising that they could (and often are) still in that house 20, 30 or more years later. A slow growing tree, like an oak for example, can be very big after 30 years, and then will be a problem, not only by dominating the garden and making it very shady and dry,  but also to threaten structural damage. It is not easy to cut down and remove a large tree, and experts are often required. There has also been a lot of misunderstanding about the effects on neighbours.........they are entitled to cut off any overhanging branches AND TO THROW THE BRANCHES BACK OVER THE FENCE TO WHERE THE TREE IS GROWING. You are,  of course, perfectly entitled to cut a tree down UNLESS THERE IS A PRESERVATION ORDER ON IT.   That means somebody would have placed an order on it, and if you planted it, you would know! The problems  occur when someone removes a tree that has an order on it without realising (or in some cases when they do know), so it is your responsibility to check with the local authority. Recent laws also restrict the height of hedges on boundaries, and local authorities have the right to serve removal orders on these.  Attempts are usually made to settle these arguments with tolerance to retain good relationships, and friendly negotiation should always rule the day.