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                                                                                    Tomato varieties

Brandy Wine   Indoors only  Large  beefsteak.  Standard vine growth, must be supported. This is an old 19th century variety, and produces very large deep red and sweet fruits.  Pick out side shoots, limit top growth to 3/4 trusses.

Red Alert    Outdoor or cold greenhouse.  Large cherry sized.  Bush type, does not grow as tall as vine type but will still need some support. Tie up to stakes. Does not need removal of side shoots, unless to stop growth getting out of hand!  Can be planted in containers or in open ground. Early cropping.

 Shirley F1 Hybrid   Greenhouse. Lightly heated or cool, but can be grown in full sun outdoors.  Medium-large red fruits.  Standard vine style, pick out side shoots.  Stop the top growth after 3/4 trusses outside, possibly 4/5 trusses inside.  This will help to improve quality and encourage ripening at the end of the season.

Good disease resistance.  Early fruiting.  Good flavour.

Green Grape  Greenhouse or outdoors, pots or grow bags.   Medium size yellow with green stripes.  style plants with fruits in clusters. Needs to be tied up to stakes, no need to remove side shoots. This is an experimental type, and is ripe when the fruits have their stripes. Does best on a warm sheltered site, fertile, well drained but regularly watered.

Floridity  Greenhouse or outdoors, pots or grow bagsMedium sized plum shaped fruits.  Selected by a taste test in the RHS journal by Raymond Blanc as the best flavoured type. Reputedly high in vitamins A and C and lycopene.   Vine type, so remove laterals as they appear. Good for freezing. Grow in a warm, sunny position in moisture retentive soil. Expensive seeds, sow singly.

 Sungold F1  Greenhouse or outdoors, grow bags or pots.  Small cherry sized fruits. Long trusses of orange fruits, vine style so needs support and removal of laterals.  Expensive seeds, sow singly.  Good flavour and long harvesting period. It is usually recommended that tomatoes are not planted into their final positions until after the first flower truss appears, and not fed until the first fruit appears.  Indoor plants might benefit form a light shaking to aid pollination. Water well in dry periods.

 Gardener's Delight   Greenhouse or outdoors, grow bags or potsMedium sized red cherry style. These tomatoes can be grown as either cordons or bush style.  The cordons need support and tying, removing laterals.  If growing as a bush, probably best in the greenhouse. Remove the tips after 3/4 or trusses to keep to manageable height. They have the RHS AGM award, and can crop on less than 10 weeks with a good flavour. Good value seeds. 

Moneymaker Greenhouse or outdoors, pots or grow bagsMedium sized red fruits. Heirloom and popular heavy cropping variety. Easy to germinate and good value seeds.

Golden Cherry F1  If grown outdoors must be frost free (you can get frosts in May).  Small/medium fruits golden yellow.  These are Japanese bred and are supposed to be even better than Sungold. Resistant to cracking, clings in long trusses to the vine. Cordon style needs support. Seeds are expensive but seem to germinate easily.

 Tommy Toe    Reddish/pink fruits when ripe   Australian bred. Maybe that suggests they need warmth? Cordon style 'apricot' sized fruits, cropping continuously. Less expensive seeds, so perhaps that indicates that they grow easily?  It usually does!